Shifting Perception


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Orchard Windows Gallery is pleased to present "Shifting Perception" a solo show of drawings by Colleen Blackard. This exhibition will be on display from August 13th-20th, 2012.

Opening Reception:
Tuesday, August 14th

Orchard Windows Gallery
37 Orchard St.
New York, NY

"Shifting Perception" highlights the importance of memory in creating a positive future. To bring us closer to a time when memory loss itself will be forgotten, Colleen Blackard and Orchard Windows Gallery will donate 25% of sales to the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter.

The heart of the show is hidden, but not lost. The viewer must touch the work to complete the piece. When only a small detail appears, the viewer must use memory to recreate the image in its entirety. The experience of the piece continues as long as the memory lasts. Memory defies loss.

Memories tempt us to interpret the present based on the past and, from there, create our future. Some of the pieces display iconic images with negative associations. The images can incite certain past memories, but a touch of reality can easily shift our perception, allowing us to connect with a point in the past when inspiration rather than fear could have kept negative events from occurring. Memory defines the past and inspires the future.

Will yours be negative or positive?

Colleen Blackard is originally from Austin, TX, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn. She received a BA in Studio Art from Hampshire College, MA. She has been included in exhibitions at the Rush Arts Gallery, Family Business Gallery, Times Square, and Contrast at 320 Studios. This is her first solo show at Orchard Windows Gallery.

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